Even Cat Mugs Have Nine Lives!

Training Run

Distance: 4 miles

Time: 33:00


Mile 1- 7:34

Mile 2- 8:10

Mile 3- 8:28

Mile 4- 8:04

The times are a bit inaccurate for miles 2-4 because we paused a few times.  I ran with my old high school team!  They’re speedy!  After the run with the team, I had a quick smoothie at home and headed off to the gym.  I did a mile warm-up there (I wanted to do 6 miles today), arms weights, ab work, mile cool-down (both were about 8:00) and finished with some hip strengthening.  I was ready for lunch when I got home!

I started with a sandwich on Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat bread with big slathers of Vanilla Almond Butter and banana slices:

The key to a good sandwich like this is putting the spread on both slices!

Then I made a salad.  I have a bad habit of buying salad lettuce at the store thinking *this will be good!* and forget to make salads and end up having to eat not-as-fresh lettuce.  But I was good this week and finished the bag in two days!  I topped it off with some onion slices and Daisy cottage cheese.  Salads are really good with cottage cheese, it adds creaminess and protein that dressing can’t do.  And yes, I got the idea from a Daisy commercial 🙂  And on the side I had snap peas:

I also have a bad habit of not using a big enough plate…

Anyway, finally I had some leftover sauteed zucchini and grilled corn that we had with dinner on Monday.  All I did was heat garlic in a pan, add sliced zucchini, sprinkled some paprika, chili powder, black pepper, and salt, and then added some shaved grilled corn on the cob.

All together now!

I can’t pick a favorite dish from these three.  But I will tell you I finished my veggies first so I can enjoy the yummy sandwich last.  During my feast, I grabbed a cup of coffee and almost dropped the cup!  Luckily I just spilled some coffee and didn’t break the mug, it would’ve been a shame to break this kitty mug

I think it’s older than me!  We’ve had it for as long as I can remember,  it must have nine lives 😉  Have a great day everyone!

*just a side note: I have a bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee about 1 hour before I run, but since I always have the same breakfast, I neglect to photograph it, but I will try to soon!*

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2 Comments on “Even Cat Mugs Have Nine Lives!”

  1. Caroline Says:

    So lucky you have a team to run with! 🙂 I think I always eat my sandwich last…veggies are AWESOME but let’s keep it real…almond butter banana sandwiches are always going to win.

  2. I LOVE the idea of cottage cheese on salad! It’s so simple yet makes perfect sense!! I currently use hummus as my dressing of choice but will def try cottage cheese to mix things up a bit!

    Having a team to run with sounds like such a great motivator!

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