And my Hands Still Smell Good!

You’ll understand the title soon…

Training Run

Distance: 8 miles

Time: 1:09:06


Mile 1-  8:29

Mile 2- 8:46

Mile 3- 8:49

Mile 4- 8:43

Mile 5- 8:46

Mile 6- 8:47

Mile 7- 8:36

Mile 8- 8:15

Whew, that was a hot and sweaty run!  When I finished, I drank a whole Smart water and stretched well.  Then I had a Chocolate Graham Cracker Green Monster smoothie and went to the gym for arm weights, abs, and hip strength.  Showered, came home, and it was lunch time!

I had big ideas for something delicious today…

I thinly sliced half of an organic gala apple and put the slices into a bowl

I used a slicer and if you do, be careful of your fingers!  I had a few nubs left over

they made good mid-cooking snacks 🙂

Then I added a packed of Stevia sweetener and some cinnamon to the apples and mixed

*wash hands* (although, my hands still smell of the delicious apple-cinnamoness!) and then I added them to a hot pan sprayed with cooking spray

while those cooked up, I (peanut) buttered two slices of Great Harvest honey whole wheat bread

After about 7 minutes, the apples were soft and smelling amazing

I let them cool for a few minutes and then spread them out on one of the bread slices

Top with the other, slice in half, and this beast was looking pretty amazing

I had this sammich with some Spinach salad along with Smart water and coffee on the side

I really liked the sandwich, but the peanut butter was a little over-powering sometimes, so I may try almond butter next time.  I loved how the apples were easy to bite into, not like some sandwiches where all of the stuffing comes out in one bite and you’re just left with bread…

Anyway, during my nomming, a deer walked through my backyard!

And she was feasting on the bird feeder!  And a little bambi followed

I called my dog, who came into the kitchen and went right to her bowl, not noticing the deer right outside the window…but she came around soon enough and was anxious to chase the deer.  I let her outside, but it was not close at all.

“Where’d they go?”

“I’ll get them next time!”

My dog will be 9 in about 2 weeks, so she’s no spring chicken.  Also, we have a set of stairs that you have to go up to get to where the deer were walking, so the slowness is not all her age.  That’s also why I didn’t feel bad about letting her outside to “chase” the deer.

Have a good Monday!

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