Nothing to do=Food Reviews

Just another lazy summer day. I did my usual 6 mile route this morning, but it was so hot and humid, plus I was a bit sore, so in other words, it went a lot slower than my speedier run yesterday, which is fine. I did 8 x 100m strides at the end, as per my college training plan. I rehydrated, made a smoothie, and went off to the gym for a little weight lifting, hip strengthening, and ab work. I felt sort of dizzy on the way home, like my eyes couldn’t focus. So I whipped up some lunch to see if that would help.

I had a can of tuna in the fridge that I knew I need to start finishing, along with some peppers we grilled last night. So I thought, why not a tuna and pepper wrap? It sounds weird, but it turned out pretty good. I mixed some tuna with a dollop of plain yogurt and spread that on a tortilla, along with splotches of Amy’s salsa, and finally the grilled peppers.

I had two of those, along with Spinach salad, a vitamin water, and coffee.

I still didn’t feel too good, so I napped for about 45 minutes. I woke up with an unpleasant taste in my mouth, but felt a little better. I decided to do my Larabar reviews, so head on over the right there to check them out! Writing the reviews made me hungry, so I grabbed a snack. I had two small slices of great harvest bread (because two small slices are better than one big one!) with peanut butter and simply fruit strawberry preserves.
Also some Advil, to help that headache.  Have a great day, and check out the reviews!

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2 Comments on “Nothing to do=Food Reviews”

  1. Faith Says:

    Sometimes the strangest combinations are the best!

  2. kneadspeed Says:

    That tuna + pepper wrap actually sounds pretty good.

    And if you were hungry after doing Larabar reviews, you should’ve had a Larabar! It only makes sense. 🙂

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