Picking It Up

I had a fabulous run this morning!  I did my typical 6-mile route, but felt speedier today.  Even though I worked until 10pm last night, I didn’t feel exhausted and maybe the 70 degree weather with a light drizzle helped.  Or could it be the awesome shorts I wore?


I confess, I have a nike short obsession.  I even took a picture of them, but I warn you, it’s pretty ridiculous…

I thought the middle was missing something, so I placed my Garmin in there 🙂   Yep, that’s 22 pairs of shorts, if I counted correctly, plus 1 more pair because I’ve bought another since taking this picture, of course.

Here are my splits:

Mile 1-8:08

Mile 2-8:09

Mile 3-8:18

Mile 4-7:57

Mile 5-7:59

Mile 6-7:54

Now I’ve got a whole day of NOTHING ahead…must find something to do!  How about I start some Larabar and Lunabar reviews?  Being that I’ve tried almost every flavor and have eaten 100s, I figure it’d be a great post to make!

Check back later for those, and hope your runs go as well as mine did 🙂

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4 Comments on “Picking It Up”

  1. That’s a lot of shorts!! I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of shorts to run in so I’ll def keep an eye out for these to try out!

  2. Caroline Says:

    OMG short envy. I LOVE those Nike shorts…do you have any colors missing?? I have two pairs, but want to get some more. They are so comfy and bright. I don’t mind the built-in underwear because then I never have to worry about flashing people when I stretch. What a great-looking run! I have a tough time motivating myself to run fast by myself unless I have a treadmill. Would love to see how you rank the Larabars. I’ve tried almost every flavor and was thinking of writing about this too. When you do your post, we’ll compare notes!

  3. kneadspeed Says:

    Bahaha I LOVE your shorts collection! My Sophee shorts collection is similar in volume, but even it doesn’t have near the number of shorts in yours. I’m definitely impressed.

  4. Carly Plank Says:

    Hey, this is XCislife from the RW forums! I love your blog- and I thought I was bad with the nike shorts (I only have 8 pairs)!

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