10 miles, Infinite Smiles

Happy Saturday!  I woke up at 7am and knew that I had to set out on my run early to beat the heat, so I climbed out of bed.  My plan was to hit 10 miles and I decided that I would do my typical 6 mile route plus a 4 mile route that I know.  It overall went really well, I took it nice and easy, and stopped at my house  mid routes to grab a sip of smartwater and a clif shot that I stuck in my mailbox.  Here’s my splits!

Mile 1 8:39

Mile 2 8:59

Mile 3 9:07

Mile 4 9:13

Mile 5 9:19

Mile 6 9:08

Mile 7 8:59

Mile 8 8:59 (I’m strangely good at always getting a twin split…)

Mile 9 8:15

Mile 10 7:58 (felt good to type a 7!)

Total 1:28:59

My goal was to have around a 9-minute pace, and I felt good too, so that’s really all that mattered.  It also brought my weekly mileage to 45!  And only 5 miles of that is elliptical, all the rest is running, woohoo!  Overall I feel pretty good, sore in a few spots, but nothing serious.  My appetite is very powerful today too, and I’ve been treating it well!  I don’t have any fun food pics for ya’ll today, but I’ve been having a fooderific weekend so far.  My mom and I went to our city’s farmer’s market earlier today and bought a lot of delicious vegetables.  Then, I got to go to my favorite health food store (kind of like a mini Whole Foods) and bought a bunch of Luna Bars and Kashi bars for .99 and some more root beer Zevia.  I also bought some stuff for college at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I have to work from 4-10 tonight, I’m sure I’ll be dead by the time I get home, at least I know I’m working with a few of the fun people 🙂

I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far!

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One Comment on “10 miles, Infinite Smiles”

  1. You’re right about the granola bars – they are WAY better than anything in the store. I hope you give them a try. Congrats on the 7 minute mile!

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