Baking in the Oven and Baking Outside

Whew!  We’ve had several 90 degree days this week, I’m tempted to fry an egg on the sidewalk!

I had a few friends over to my lake cottage for the 4th of July and of course I had to bake some goodies for them.  First, I made Skinny Mini Glo-Buns.  Something about cinnamon rolls just sounded so good, and this recipe was quite a healthy re-make.  I know you want pictures…

(ignore the two odd looking ones, they’re the end pieces and I didn’t have the heart to not bake them as well!)

I was very pleased with how they came out and they were really fun to make.  I glazed them with a milk+powdered sugar frosting before I served them.

Next up to bat are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins!

I followed the Sunspire recipe, but used canola oil instead of butter, whole-wheat pastry flour, and reduced the sugar a bit.  Here they come…

(yes, those are Christmas muffin liners, but they’re both holidays, right?)

They came out a bit…bumpy, but smelled delicious!  They tasted great, courtesy of the chocolate chips, but the peanut flavor wasn’t as pronounce as I had hoped.  When I commented about the peanut butter, one of my friend said “There’s peanut butter in here?”.  I just had to laugh!

Another thing I really liked about these recipes is that it did not make a ton, which was perfect for our 8-person party.  We still had leftovers though, which was fine with me 🙂

I hope to update more frequently, post more runs and eats.  Right now, I’m having issues with my Garmin.  I plugged it into my computer 2 days ago and my Training Center was cleared and it didn’t recognize the user on my Garmin.  So if anyone out there knows about this problem, please help!

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4 Comments on “Baking in the Oven and Baking Outside”

  1. Caroline Says:

    The glo buns look so cute! As for peanut butter baked goods…mmm it really is tough to get the PB flavor really strong. I have had a hard time making a successful PB baked good and I think that next time, I will use pb chips, or put a dollop of batter into the muffin tin, then a dollop of PB, then a dollop of batter. I think it’s like how you dont want to mix PB into your oatmeal. Instead, you put it on top and then you get a little bit of real PB flavor in every bite. Keep up blogging. I know it can be tough to post regularly…I totally struggle with it. Whatever shall we do in the fall when we have classes and XC to worry about???

  2. OOO the buns look awesome! 😀

  3. I think that those muffins look delicious. Yum yum yum!

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