How A Busy 18-Year Old Can Eat Healthy!

Today has been very busy!  I only have one photo for this post, but I’ll try to be entertaining enough through my writing 🙂

My day started at 6am, haven’t gotten up that early in awhile!  But I’ve gotten up before 7 the past few days so it wasn’t bad at all, especially since I went to sleep at 10pm.  I ate my typical oatmeal with peanut butter and mashed banana, and then we were off to my race!
This is me and my friend Karen, who I also ran cross-country with last fall.

So onto the race, I ran a 10K.  Karen and I started out realllly fast and I knew it.  She left me a bit after the first mile.  The thing with this race is though, at the halfway (3 mile) point, you have to go up this STEEP hill.  The slogan for the race is “The Will.  The Thrill.  The Hill.” so you can imagine how intense it is.  Anyway, I stayed as strong as I could and forced myself not to walk after the hill even though I really wanted to.  I didn’t beat my time from last year and got 4th in my age group (top 3 get medals), but I tried to realize that I just came back from an injury and I did pretty darn good based on that fact.  I”ll post my splits later because right now my Garmin is MIA, I think I left it in my dad’s car…but anyway, my official time was 47:48, but remember that there’s a HUGE hill in the middle of the race!

So after my race, I came home and showered and had a bowl of 2% cottage cheese with blueberries and a chopped peach.  But about 30 minutes later, I was hungry again and had a toasted sandwich thin with vanilla almond butter.  Then my friend picked me up and we went out to brunch.  I had an omelet with swiss cheese, spinach, scallion, and tomato, 2 slices of whole wheat toast, and a little fruit bowl.  Also water and black coffee.

Then I went to a few grad parties.  For the first two, I was still full from brunch so I just drank water, yay free water!  At the next party, I had a sandwich thin with colby-jack cheese and some fruit salad.  Drank more water, it’s really important on hot days to stay hydrated.  I picked at some more fruit at the next party.  Then at the next, I had a baked potato with salsa and steamed broccoli, and some salad that had chopped apple, pecans, and craisins.  At the final party, there once again wasn’t anything that appealed to me.

So I got home and made a personal pizza and am currently drinking a root beer zevia.  I plan to eat my yogurt later, because I just can’t stand NOT to eat yogurt everyday!

So that’s how I managed throughout the day.  Yes, it is very hard to eat healthy when you’re going to grad parties.  My tips are:

  • Eat at least a good snack before you go.  My large brunch helped!
  • There’s always fruit salad and some sort of vegetable.
  • Stay busy by talking and looking at photos, etc.
  • Always have an emergency snack with you just in case, sometimes grad parties can all be a dud with food.

Hope this helps!  Have a great night 🙂

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