Living a Whole Day Before Noon

I was super tired last night, probably due to working 3 days in a row.  I was out before 10pm!  Therefore, I was up at 6:45 this morning, feeling refreshed and energized.  I had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal with a mashed banana, ground flaxseed, and vanilla peanut butter.  This is what I’ve been having for breakfast lately.

Along with coffee, this is the perfect breakfast to get me going into the day!  I wait one hour, and then I’m off on my run.  I did an easy 6 this morning, finishing with a time of 49:49.  I sprinted at the end because I wanted to break 50 minutes!  I came in, stretched a bit, and make a recovery smoothie.

Start with 1 cup of organic skim milk

Add 1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass Superfood

side note: I love this stuff!  And it’s so good for you.  It looks like I added a lot, but the scoop is only 1 tablespoon


add a ton of spinach

and blend it up!  then…

add some frozen banana, I usually add 3 of these chunks.  Blend it again and drink up!It usually makes a bit more than 2 glasses worth.  I drank that up and headed off to the gym to do some weights with my mom and some hip strength.  I showered, came home, and was ready for lunch!  I made us some personal pizzas:

Yum!  Now we’re off to do some errands, I have my fingers crossed that we’ll find the new Larabar flavors!

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One Comment on “Living a Whole Day Before Noon”

  1. mapledreams Says:

    That pizza looks lovely…very tasty! xx

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