Back To My Old Self

I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of my breakfast, so let’s skip to late morning, shall we?

I had a rough time deciding whether to run outside, run at the gym, or do the elliptical.  Spending an hour in the dark basement ellipticalling didn’t appeal to me  (like most of the time) and I finally decided that the rain was going to hold off and I should just run outside!

I grabbed a delicious, perfectly-ripe pear and slathered it in Vanilla Almond Butter before I headed out.

Now, I know you may be wondering “That’s a weird almond butter container”, and in fact it is, because it’s a 5 pound tub!  Since I eat nut butter like it’s my job, we go through a lot, and actually have two more 5 pound tubs of Natural Peanut Butter and Vanilla Peanut Butter.  It’s cheaper per ounce to buy it this way and Naturally Nutty offers free shipping over $80.  Here’s my happy 5 pound triplets:

They pretty much get their own shelf in the fridge.

Back to the run…

It was a perfect 65 degrees with clouds and it gave me a chance to try out a new sports top I picked up from Kohl’s the other day.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a run as long as 6 miles due to my shin splints so I started at a comfortable pace and decided not to look at my watch so I knew I was going at the speed I could handle.  I felt strong the whole way through, with no leg pain, and felt as though I had the strength to carry on longer when I finished, which is how I should feel after an easy run.  Here’s my splits:

Mile 1- 8:04

Mile 2- 8:15

Mile 3- 8:21

Mile 4- 8:25

Mile 5- 8:21

Mile 6- 7:59 (woo broke 8! haha I obviously was still feelin’ good!)

I got back, stretched, did hip strengthening, iced, and was going to shower, but my appetite told me otherwise, so I held off the shower (home alone anyway) and made some lunch.

Nothing too exciting, just a cheese, spinach, and tomato panini and some more salad.  Finished with a yummy Root Beer Zevia (I’ll do a review on these sometime!)

Sorry that my pictures kind of suck, I’ll get better, I promise!

Well, now I’m just sipping coffee, it’s a big night tonight: GRADUATION!

Oh, and please feel free to comment, I really want to know how I’m doing and I’m not that scary, am I? 🙂

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One Comment on “Back To My Old Self”

  1. kneadspeed Says:

    Of course you’re not scary. 🙂

    But holy moly, you’re a nut-butter-eating machine! That’s 15 pounds of the stuff – very impressive.

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